Five reasons to sell your heavy equipment and trucks with Ritchie Bros.

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If you need to sell heavy equipment, agriculture equipment, and trucks, you’ve probably put a lot of time into considering the pros and cons of the various methods of selling. We recently looked at the most common sales channels used for selling equipment, including auctions. Now let’s look at five reasons to sell at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction.

Ritchie Bros. takes care of the entire selling process

1. All-inclusive service

Selling equipment takes time, effort—and expertise. At Ritchie Bros., we take care of the entire selling process so you can focus on running your business and avoid time-consuming phone calls, visits from tire kickers, transactions that fall through and other distractions. From the moment you sign the contract, we’re hard at work marketing and selling your equipment for you.

We store your equipment in our secure auction yards; recommend and perform any painting and repairs that will add to the value of your equipment; take high-resolutions photos, collect detailed equipment information, and display that information on our high-traffic, multi-language website.

Ritchie Bros. markets your equipment to the world with targeted multi-lingual print, online, and radio advertising

We also market your equipment to the world with targeted multi-lingual print, online, and radio advertising. We handle all buyer inquiries, conduct the live auction, collect the proceeds of sale, and hand the check over to you (we even pay any applicable sales taxes on your behalf).

Everything we do helps you avoid all the hassle, stress and potentially hundreds of hours spent selling, when you could be making money. And your Ritchie Bros. rep will be there every step of the way to keep you informed.

Ritchie Bros. offers certainty of sale - every item is sold on auction day

2. Certainty of sale

Sell privately or through other sales channels and your equipment could sell the next day, the next year – or never. Knowing when your equipment will sell (and when you’ll have cash in hand) is always a big unknown, making it hard to plan for future business. And the longer it takes, the more your equipment depreciates and the more storage, insurance, maintenance and other costs add up.

At Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions, every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day, so you can plan ahead, knowing when your equipment will be sold and when you’ll have cash in the bank. And with hundreds of auctions every year, there are plenty of opportunities to find a selling date that works for you.

Ritchie Bros. helps you reach thousands of qualified buyers from around the world

3. Qualified buyers from around the world

There’s a big difference between reaching out to your network of contacts or posting an ad on a free listing site and actively marketing and selling a piece of equipment.

When you sell your equipment at a Ritchie Bros. auction, you can be confident that you will reach thousands of qualified buyers from around the world – 80% percent of whom are end-users: people looking for specific equipment they can put straight to work. They’re motivated to buy – and will usually pay more for an item than a dealer. In 2013 we registered 501,800+ on-site & online bidders, helping hundreds of sellers achieve true global market value for their equipment.

With our global network, multi-lingual marketing and on-site and online bidding (in seven languages), we bring in buyers from well beyond your local or regional market.

In 2013, our 21-language website received 6.3 million unique visitors. We registered 501,800+ on-site and online bidders. And we sold US$3.8B+ of equipment and trucks to buyers from around the world.

We sold we sold US$3.8B+ of equipment and trucks to buyers from around the world in 2013

Our marketing plans and auction process are designed to bring in as many potential buyers as possible. Buyers can get detailed equipment information online and easily test and inspect equipment at our conveniently located auction sites, and then bid in person or online. They can finance their purchases, arrange transportation and even get insurance and service warranties through Ritchie Bros.

And that all translates into better results for sellers. Find out what equipment sells for at Ritchie Bros. auctions: Create your free account and access two years of auction results.

4. 50+ years of industry expertise

We’ve conducted thousands of unreserved public auctions since our first auction in 1958, and we’re proud that we’ve been helping customers successfully sell for more than 50 years.

But it’s not just our history and industry knowledge that helps sellers get the results they’re looking for. When you sell with Ritchie Bros., you have a whole team of experts working for you—sales, marketing, internet services, customer service, accounting and more. Everything you normally do for yourself, we do for you.

Your Ritchie Bros. representative works for you

Your Ritchie Bros. representative works for you, but they also work with you. Many of our sales reps come from the very industries our customers work in; they understand the equipment, know the market and take the time to get to know you and your needs.

Read some testimonials from Ritchie Bros.’ customers and see what they have to say about working with us.

5. Flexible options for businesses of any size

Your Ritchie Bros. rep will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. We help companies of all sizes, farmers, and customers from a wide variety of industries sell all types of equipment and trucks, from one item to an entire fleet. We also offer flexible consignment options—straight commission, gross guarantee, even outright purchase. And when it makes sense, we can even bring the auction to you, conducting a full-service auction on a leased site near you or even on your property, like this:

Full-service off-site auction services on a leased site near you or even on your property

Planning to sell equipment or trucks?

If you have equipment or trucks to sell, contact us to find out how we can help you – no obligations!

About Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Ritchie Bros. is the world’s largest industrial auction company. We sell billions of dollars of unused and used equipment at our unreserved public auctions each year, including construction equipment, farm equipment, machinery, heavy duty trucks and much more. If you’re interested in how Ritchie Bros. can help you sell equipment, contact your local Ritchie Bros. representative, or attend an upcoming unreserved public equipment auction and see for yourself how we sell for companies of all sizes.

Learn more about selling with Ritchie Bros. Need to sell equipment? Contact us.

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