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So you need some new gear for a big job coming up, or maybe it’s time to update your fleet so you can go after the big contracts. Whatever your reasons for buying heavy equipment and trucks, one of the fairest, easiest and most efficient ways to get what you need is at one of our unreserved public auctions. And who would know a better place to buy than equipment dealers? Our auctions are where many of them get their inventory, so save yourself some time and money and buy where the dealers buy.

Hundreds of items in the Ritchie Bros. yard waiting for auction day

An equipment supermarket.

We have thousands of used and unused heavy equipment items, trucks, and more in our inventory at any given time, and from a huge range of name-brand manufacturers. And with more than 40 auction sites around the world, and an auction being conducted almost every day of the year – chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Checking equipment before sale day

Buy with confidence - inspect, test and compare before you bid.

We want people to have total confidence in what they’re bidding on and buying. That’s why we post detailed equipment information and high-resolution photos on our website. We also encourage people to inspect, test and compare equipment in person at the auction site before they bid (or have a mechanic do it for them).

“There’s still a desire to kick the tires. People like to look at what they’re buying and check the mechanical condition of a machine for themselves. I was burned once, relying on a third-party inspection report. I wouldn’t do that again.” – Frank Rizzardo (Emcon Services, BC, Canada).

Buyers place bids as equipment is driven across the ramp

No sticker prices - you decide what the gear is worth.

One of the biggest advantages of buying at our unreserved auctions is that we have no sticker prices. With no minimum bids or reserve prices, it’s buyers who set the prices, not sellers, and everything sells for its true market value on auction day. And we strictly forbid sellers from bidding on their own items. That means there's no artificial price manipulation, and the buying process is fair and transparent.

"You know when you go to the auction the best man wins on the day, and the best man will win and he takes home the iron." – Norm Bolitho, Australian Pacific Machinery Wholesale (QLD, Australia).

The main reason Norm keeps coming back to Ritchie Bros. to buy for his dealership? Every auction is unreserved. Watch his story below:

No games, no haggling, no hidden costs.

We take great pride in conducting auctions that are straightforward, fair and open. You don’t have to spend time negotiating or haggling over price, and you won’t find any “surprise” costs on your invoice to inflate the price. All you pay is the amount you bid, plus applicable taxes and a small administrative fee.

Bid on it, buy it, put it to work.

Buying equipment at a Ritchie Bros. auction is a fast and efficient way to get the gear you need. Whether you’re bidding online from a jobsite, or in person at one of our sites, our auctions are fast-paced, exciting, and ultimately very efficient. The buying process won’t take up a lot of your valuable time. And, because we deliver clear title on equipment we sell, you can put your equipment straight to work. (If we can't deliver clear title, we offer the buyer a full refund of the purchase price.)

“You know everything sells for its true market value because the bidders set the prices. I feel very comfortable buying from Ritchie Bros.” – Bill Coates (Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd. & Star Contracting Ltd., BC, Canada)

Read more about why Bill buys at Ritchie Bros. unreserved equipment auctions. Or begin your search for used equipment and trucks in upcoming auctions.

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